Why FirmTec?

Specialist in vegetable oil processing systems

The processing of vegetable oil requires knowledge of oleochemistry; knowledge that FirmTec’s specialists have. This, combined with our extensive technical expertise, makes us the leading specialist in (small-scale) systems for oil extraction, oil refining and biodiesel. FirmTec’s main areas of specialisation include the processing of alternative residual oil and fats (for example UCO and animal fat).

FirmTec believes strongly in using a phased approach. We realise that you want to keep the initial investment to a minimum. We guarantee that the system we provide will make money for you. And once you've generated revenue, we will work with you to find an intelligent solution for upscaling. This will minimise and spread any risks. We can also use high-quality used and/or reconditioned components for our systems, enabling you to save on costs.

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