Advice & Training

Advice & Training

FirmTec would be happy to share its knowledge and expertise with you, which is why we provide a range of different consultancy services and training programmes.

FirmTec provides advice and training on:  
  • Process optimisation
  • Logistics problems
  • Rendering
  • Feedstock
  • FFA reduction
  • Production locations


FirmTec provides advice in the areas of oleochemistry and biodiesel production. Our specialists’ in-depth, combined knowledge of oleochemistry, engineering, business, agribusiness, structural engineering and multifeed stock enables them to give sound, made-to-measure advice. Your situation and requirements will always form the basis for this advice.



Would you like to know more about oleochemistry, producing biodiesel and refining oil? Or have your staff trained on these areas? FirmTec gives in-company training programmes, in the Netherlands and abroad. We also provide speakers for many different events (we are a regular guest lecturer at the Shipping and Transport College in Rotterdam, for example).

Would you like to exchange thoughts on optimisation issues some time? Or arrange a training programme?