Manually operated or fully automated and designed with your raw materials and capacity as the starting point. FirmTec will develop a custom-built biodiesel system for you.

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Vegetable oil refining

Whether you want to extract vegetable oil from seeds and nuts or upgrade the quality of the oil available, a FirmTec system makes it possible.

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Solvent extraction

Do you have press cakes or other materials that contain residual oils? FirmTec can supply a system that ensures maximum oil extraction.

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Filling lines

FirmTec also supplies cost-effective, automatic filling lines for - amongst other things - bottles, jerry cans, drums and IBCs. Sealing, capping and labelling can also be integrated into the lines.

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Rural energy

FirmTec's containerized Sustainer converts seeds and nuts into - amongst other things - oil cake, vegetable oil, biodiesel, electricity and briquettes.

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Bulk material seperation techniques

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FirmTec's custom-built biodiesel systems

Diesel is often expensive and scarce, not only in Western economies but also, for example, in the interiors of Africa and South America. Biodiesel provides a solution to this challenge, especially because these countries offer opportunities for growing oil-bearing crops.

The production of biodiesel adds value to the chain. It also creates jobs and facilitates improvements in the management of transport and logistics. What's more, it reduces dependence on scarce and expensive fossil fuels.

From 500 to 50,000 litres a day

FirmTec provides custom-built systems, designed with your raw materials and capacity as the starting point. These systems are even suitable for raw materials that are difficult to process, such as those with a high FFA content. The capacity of the systems ranges from 500 to 50,000 litres a day. Would you like to outsource the supply and storage aspects of your production process as well? Then use FirmTec. We can supply storage tanks, pumps and pipework; as well as heat (steam), cold water and the methylate production unit.

Manually operated or fully automated. The options are endless with FirmTec's biodiesel systems. And if support or modifications are required, we can log onto your system remotely via the internet. FirmTec can deliver a completely new system or a system with reconditioned components. The latter is guaranteed to be of the same quality, but will be cheaper. We never make concessions when it comes to reliability, safety (EX) or quality.

Advantages of biodiesel


Key advantages of FirmTec's biodiesel systems:

  • Custom-built systems: designed with your raw materials and capacity as the starting point
  • Supply and storage systems can also be outsourced to FirmTec
  • New systems or with reconditioned components
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