Manually operated or fully automated and designed with your raw materials and capacity as the starting point. FirmTec will develop a custom-built biodiesel system for you.

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Vegetable oil refining

Whether you want to extract vegetable oil from seeds and nuts or upgrade the quality of the oil available, a FirmTec system makes it possible.

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Solvent extraction

Do you have press cakes or other materials that contain residual oils? FirmTec can supply a system that ensures maximum oil extraction.

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Filling lines

FirmTec also supplies cost-effective, automatic filling lines for - amongst other things - bottles, jerry cans, drums and IBCs. Sealing, capping and labelling can also be integrated into the lines.

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Rural energy

FirmTec's containerized Sustainer converts seeds and nuts into - amongst other things - oil cake, vegetable oil, biodiesel, electricity and briquettes.

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Bulk material seperation techniques

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Rural energy

Sustainer: a containerized system that can be used anywhere in the world

While shortages of food and energy are reported across the world, there is in fact enough of both. The main problem, however, is limited availability due to logistical limitations. FirmTec wants to play an important role in the production of food and energy in the places where it's needed. This can be achieved with the Sustainer, a self-supporting containerized system.

The Sustainer can be installed at any location in the world and converts seeds and nuts into:

  • Press cake (often suitable as animal feed)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Biodiesel
  • Electricity
  • Briquettes (from the shells of certain nuts)

Removing barriers

FirmTec's Sustainer removes the barriers that that stand in the way of initiatives for producing bio fuels. Unfortunately many of these initiatives are never realised, particularly in Africa. The reasons for this include:

  • Problems with the acquisition of land for development caused by bureaucracy, corruption and (justified) land claims by the indigenous people
  • Funding problems
  • Drought, disease and plague
  • Problems with staffing and logistics

FirmTec's Sustainer is a small-scale, immediately operable system that uses the nuts and seeds available locally. The Sustainer generates turnover immediately, creates goodwill among the local population and minimises the risks relating to technology, logistics and staffing. The Sustainer therefore clears the way for the construction of larger plantations; for example, through intercropping or collaboration with out-growers. If sufficient raw materials are available, the Sustainer has a very favourable payback period of two to three years.

Key advantages of FirmTec's Sustainer:

  • Self-supporting, containerized system for processing seeds and nuts into food
  • Small-scale character eliminates barriers relating to the generation of energy and production of food
  • Creates goodwill among the local population and minimises technical, logistics and staffing risks
  • Payback period of two to three years
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