Autark Home: first self-sufficient, floating Passivhaus houseboat in the Netherlands

FirmTec helped build the very first Passivhaus in the Netherlands: Autark Home. The client’s aim was to construct and market an affordable and self-sufficient dwelling.
Autark Home is a floating passive houseboat with a European Passivhaus certificate. The houseboat does not need a dock connection, which enables it to be completely grid-independent.
The use of proven technologies makes the dwelling extremely sustainable and in many respects it serves as an example for the construction of fully sustainable homes in the future.
This first home has an RC of 10!
There are no dock connectors for energy or water; energy is provided by solar hot water collectors and solar PV, while water is processed through a built-in water treatment system. Additionally, Autark Home has a heat recovery ventilation system, EPS insulation, Mosa tiles, Desso carpet and IKEA interior furnishings.
FirmTec helped build this very first Passivhaus in the Netherlands. The concept for the house also offers perspective for organizations such as IKEA, which is promoting this innovative achievement at its Barendrecht store. The first Autark Home was built in Maastricht and can be seen at a prominent location in the Rijnhaven at the Port of Rotterdam

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