Manually operated or fully automated and designed with your raw materials and capacity as the starting point. FirmTec will develop a custom-built biodiesel system for you.

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Vegetable oil refining

Whether you want to extract vegetable oil from seeds and nuts or upgrade the quality of the oil available, a FirmTec system makes it possible.

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Solvent extraction

Do you have press cakes or other materials that contain residual oils? FirmTec can supply a system that ensures maximum oil extraction.

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Filling lines

FirmTec also supplies cost-effective, automatic filling lines for - amongst other things - bottles, jerry cans, drums and IBCs. Sealing, capping and labelling can also be integrated into the lines.

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Rural energy

FirmTec's containerized Sustainer converts seeds and nuts into - amongst other things - oil cake, vegetable oil, biodiesel, electricity and briquettes.

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Bulk material seperation techniques

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Solvent extraction

FirmTec systems for solvent extraction

A solvent extraction system enables you to maximise the amount of oil you can extract from an oil cake or other solid material with residual oil. FirmTec can supply a system that will allow you to benefit from maximum oil yields and minimum loss of (expensive) oil.

FirmTec's solvent extraction system uses an intelligent process to extract residual oil from solid materials. The machine pelletises the material and then dissolves the oil in a carrier (usually hexane) via solvent extraction. The system distils the hexane back out of the oil.

Solvent extraction is possible with vegetable-based materials (oil cake) and animal-based materials, such as for example meat and bone meal.

Keys advantages of FirmTec's solvent extraction systems

  • Maximum oil yields and minimum loss of (expensive) oil
  • For vegetable-based and animal-based materials
Would you like to extract more oil from your oil cake or residual product?
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