Manually operated or fully automated and designed with your raw materials and capacity as the starting point. FirmTec will develop a custom-built biodiesel system for you.

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Vegetable oil refining

Whether you want to extract vegetable oil from seeds and nuts or upgrade the quality of the oil available, a FirmTec system makes it possible.

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Solvent extraction

Do you have press cakes or other materials that contain residual oils? FirmTec can supply a system that ensures maximum oil extraction.

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Filling lines

FirmTec also supplies cost-effective, automatic filling lines for - amongst other things - bottles, jerry cans, drums and IBCs. Sealing, capping and labelling can also be integrated into the lines.

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Rural energy

FirmTec's containerized Sustainer converts seeds and nuts into - amongst other things - oil cake, vegetable oil, biodiesel, electricity and briquettes.

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Bulk material seperation techniques

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Vegetable oil refining

FirmTec systems for refining vegetable oil

You want to extract as much oil as possible from your nuts and seeds. The more oil you press, however, the poorer the quality of the oil. Refining is usually required to make the oil fit for human consumption or technical purposes.

FirmTec can provide advice on the best way to extract oil from different types of nuts and seeds. We can also help you if you've already extracted the oil, but you want to upgrade its quality. We design and develop robust, safe and reliable systems for refining vegetable oil.

We supply all the components

We can supply tanks, pumps, valves and attachments; as well as specific equipment, such as tricanters and centrifuges. FirmTec will take care of everything. Our systems are made from stainless steel and we only use components of the very highest quality. If required, FirmTec can also deliver the necessary steam boiler, storage tanks, pumps and pipework and install them on site.

Would you like to outsource your vegetable oil refining to FirmTec? Not a problem. You provide the oil and we will refine it to the desired level.

FirmTec offers the following refining systems:

  • Depth filtration
  • Degumming
  • Deodorising
  • Bleaching

Key advantages of FirmTec systems for refining vegetable oil:

  • Get more from oil from seeds and nuts or better quality oil through refining
  • Robust, safe and reliable systems
  • We supply all the necessary components and manufacture specific equipment
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